Different from speciality translations that target professions, audience of community translations are general public who have less ability to understand complex expressions, which brings unique changes to translators. It is very important for translators to balance easily-understood expressions, the demand from general public, and complicated legal and policy meanings, the demand from the service providers who require unerring delivery of meanings.

Select Clients

  • East Los Angeles Regional Center
  • Woodgreen Community Services
  • Harbor Regional Center


Select Translation Projects

  • Various assessment reports for children with developmental disabilities, such as autism assessment reports
  • Speech & Language Assessment Reports
  • IEP Meeting Notes
  • Individual Program Plans
  • Hearing Request Forms
  • Annual Notification of Parents’ Rights
  • Anti Harassment Discrimination and Abusive Conduct Handbook
  • Client complaint policies
  • APICHA Grievance Procedures, APICHA Information Sharing Rules, HIV Patient Guides, Healthy Dieting Guidelines
  • Woodgreen Community Tenant Handbook
  • Food Safety & HIV sessions, quizzes, surveys.
  • Nutrition Health Education Program Exit Interview Form
  • Client’s Rights and Responsibilities Handbook
  • Consent for Invasive Procedure
  • Autism specialist brochures, workshop flyers, event notices, eligibility letters, etc.
  • Birth certificates, immunization certificates, medical histories, etc.