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A MRI Examination Report Translated from Chinese to English

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检查方法:肝脏平扫 + DWI+ 增强(普美显)

放射学表现:结肠MT肝转移治疗后,正反相位肝实质信号降低,肝左右叶交界处见一团块状异常信号灶,大小约4.0 * 4.3 cm, T1WI 呈高低混杂信号,T2WI及DWI呈稍高信号为主。动态增强后病灶未见明确异常强化,肝胆特异期呈相对低信号,肝右后叶包膜下见微小结节状异常信号灶,T1WI呈等信号,T2WI呈较高信号(Se: 21, Im: 10), DWI呈高信号。动脉期病灶似有强化,门脉期及延迟期病灶持续强化,肝胆特异期呈等信号。另外,肝内见微小无强化的囊性灶,肝内血管显示可;脾脏未见肿大,信号均匀,脾门区见类圆形异常信号灶,强化方式与脾脏相仿;胆管未见扩张;右肾见无强化的囊性灶,胰腺及所见左侧肾脏无特殊;后腹膜未见肿大淋巴结;腹腔内无积液。



English Translation:

Clinical diagnoses: colon cancer postoperative liver metastasis (resection + RFA) treatment

Suspicious new metastasis in the right posterior lobe of the liver

Examination site and name: abdomen

Examination method: Liver plain scan + DWI + enhancement (Primovist)

Radiographic findings: after treatment for colon MT liver metastases, decreased signals of the liver parenchyma in both positive and negative phases, a block-shape abnormal signal lesion is seen at the junction of left and right lobes of the liver, with size of about 4.0 * 4.3 cm; T1WI shows mixed signals, and T2WI and DWI mainly show slightly higher signals. After dynamic contrast enhancement, no obvious abnormal enhancement is seen in the lesion, relatively low signals in the hepatobiliary specific phase, small nodular abnormal signal lesions seen under the capsule of the right posterior lobe of the liver. T1WI shows equal signals, T2WI show relatively high signals (Se: 21, Im: 10) and DWI shows high signals. In the arterial phase, the lesion seems to strengthen and in the portal venous phase and delayed phase, it continues to strengthen, with equal signals in the hepatobiliary specific phase. In addition, small non-enhanced cystic lesions are found in the liver, and intrahepatic vessels show normal situation; the spleen has no enlargement of the spleen and its signals are uniform. The spleen door area demonstrates circular abnormal signal lesions, and they show similar morphology as the spleen after enhancement; no expansion of the bile duct; non-enhanced cystic lesions in the right kidney and no specials in pancreas and the left kidney; no enlarged retroperitoneal lymph nodes; no fluid in abdomen.

Radiologic diagnoses: after treatment for colon MT liver metastases, the original lesion was basically necrosis. Small nodules in the right posterior lobe of the liver suggests possibility of small hemangioma, so suggest follow-up; fatty liver and small cysts in the liver and right kidney.


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大体所见:肝肿瘤及胆囊切除标本:总体积:10cm X 9cm X 6cm,胆囊体积:8cm X 3cm X 2cm,囊壁厚0.2cm,粘膜粗糙。部分肝脏切面可见一灰黄肿物,面积:6cm X 4cm,局部切缘距肿物极近。



English Translation:


XYZ Hospital Pathological Diagnosis Report

General findings: liver tumor and cholecystectomy specimen: total volume: 11cm x 8cm x 6cm, gallbladder volume: 9cm x 3cm x 2cm, gallbladder wall thickness: 0.2cm, rough mucosa. A gray yellow mass could be seen in the partial liver section, area: 6cm x 4.5cm, and the partial margin was very close to the tumor.

Light microscopy: structural destruction of hepatic lobule, atypical cells were distributed into a sheet or diffusely or in a strip like arrangement. The cytoplasm was rich, foamy or vacuolated, characterized by atypia, invasive growth, and localized necrosis.