Select Litigation Translations

  • US Department of Justice and China National Development and Reform Commission antitrust investigations against Japanese auto part manufacturers, including agreements, internal communications, meeting minutes, part specifications, manuals, awards, etc. with over 300k words in total
  • US Department of Justice antitrust investigation against color display tube manufacturers in Asia
  • Complaint to Avoid and Recover Avoidable Transfers with respect to KODAK GUC TRUST vs. BEYONDSOFT CORPORATION before United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District of New York
  • Arbitration awards by China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission for a Canadian Juice company vs. a Chinese company
  • Arbitration awards for Noble Resource Limited vs. Leader Tech Textile Co., Ltd
  • Nevada class action again China Transinfo Technology Corporation
  • A China economic & trade company’s legal material package: registration form, business license, articles of association, capital verification report, shareholder meeting decision, etc.
  • Various lawsuit documents involving a satellite television station
  • A Fortune 500’ various lawsuit materials
  • AVIVA TRIAL LAWYERS’ bike accident case against a Canadian department store