Select Financial Translations

  • BoAML’s 100+ various investment,  financial due diligence and IPO proposals for famous Chinese businesses, covering areas of banking, hospital, utilities, insurance, industry, real estate, etc.
  • Royal Bank of Canada’s mortgage application documents
  • NASDAQ presses
  • Morgan Stanley Investment proposals
  • Royal Bank of Scotland’s Indicator gap analysis, reports and result comparison associated with its partnership with a China bank
  • McCain assessment Report
  • A dental company’s inlay bridge system investment plan
  • An accounting firm website
  • GreenTech’s Investment Proposal to China State Grid and China Development Bank
  • State Street Global Exchange brochure
  • Delta Asia Financial Group brochure
  • ENNAR Southeast Florid Home Investment Brochure
  • Statistics Canada reports for employment, economy, income, business, industry, etc.