Quality Control

Accuracy Control

For some types of translations, such as legal and medical translations, accuracy is the most important concerned. Sometimes, wrong translations will impact layer and doctor to make correct decisions, accordingly impacting fate of their person or matters concerned. Able Communications provide following solutions for your strict requirement for accuracy. You may select one of them.

Excellent translation:

We use the translators with rich experience in such fields to handle your jobs. They not only provide excellent translations, but also indicate errors and vague expressions in the source, which are not commonly but exactly existed, based on their experience. For general-purpose legal and medical materials, this option is good decision because it well balances accuracy and cost.


When your accuracy is more important than cost, translation + proofreading is good option. Another translator with rich expertise will participate in to proof the first translator’s work to minimize errors.


If the accuracy is extremely important, for example a large medical survey, back-translation is your best choice. Take an English-to-Chinese survey form as an example, after the first translator translates the survey form from English to Chinese, the second translator will translate the Chinese version of the survey form to English, without knowing anything about the English version. Then, you compare the two English versions, one from you and one from the back-translation done by the second translator and list all differences between them. The final step is reconciliation. The first translator will reflect all differences indicated by you to his or her original translation.7