Translation Cases

Case 1: NCCN Cancer Guidelines

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) is a not-for-profit alliance of 23 world’s leading cancer centers and is dedicated to improving the quality and effectiveness of care provided to patients with cancer. NCCN publishes various cancer guidelines from time to time. These guidelines are typical academic papers that summary various cancer clinical and trial treatments and offer panel recommendations that are classified into four categories, i.e. uniform consensus based on high-level evidence, uniform consensus based on lower-level evidence, consensus based on low-level evidence, and major disagreement based on any level of evidence. These recommendations provide reasonable classification for complex and changing cancer treatments and give important reference for clinical doctors.


With over half million words, our NCCN cancer guideline projects involve translation and proofreading of guidelines for lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas, prostate cancer, rectal cancer, colon cancer and multiple myeloma. All efforts were made to ensure quality of the projects. First of all, a senior translator developed a glossary to keep consistency of all terms. Many drugs had multi-translations in Chinese and we adopted the Chinese drug names approved by Chinese drug authorities. If no official name translation was available for a drug, the most popular online name translation will be accepted. Of course, translators with medical background were used to handle the whole project. Finally, a doctor was involved to proof the translation. These measures sufficiently ensured accuracy and fluency of the final work.

In addition, during the translation process, we found and corrected few mistakes in the client’s former translations.


Case 2: Survey

Surveying is an important way to know how your clients and employees look at your products and operations. We have done many employee engagement surveys and customer satisfaction surveys for many world leading corporations, including P&G, Johnson & Johnson, VMware、Illumina、WCI、Printpack and Hitachi Data Systems.

The market is always changing, and survival and development of a business need to be talent-oriented and client-centered. Winning talents and clients are essential to catch opportunities and overcome challenges. For example, to improve employee engagement and productivity, a business must often get employees’ ideas, opinions, recommendations and comments for the company’s goals, targets, management, supervisors, working environment, career development plans, compensations, benefits, teamwork, etc.

Surveying includes many delicate expressions that involve psychological and emotional feelings, bringing cultural and understanding challenges for non-English speakers in a multicultural world. Even a translator sometimes has to rely on dictionaries to know their exact meanings, so it is a hard job for common employees and clients, who are not linguists, to correctly understand the original meaning and express their true feelings. We use the free translation method to handle survey translation. Based on the full understanding of the source, our language experts convert the source to multi-target-languages that are easily understood, to make sure the readers know your exact meaning.


Case 3: SKF Evolution Magazine

SKF is the largest bearing manufacturer in the world. The Evolution, SKF’s technical magazine, is a typical mixed style material. Evolution features strong academic nature because its articles usually are written by industrial experts, doctors and professors and involve profound and difficultly-understood technologies, concepts, and principles. However, it is also marketing nature with the purpose of promoting SKF’s latest technologies and concepts. So, when translating this magazine, we identify styles sentence by sentence to find which ones are technological oriented and which ones are marketing oriented. For a technological nature sentence, “honest translation will be used to respect its scientific principles in translation, but for a marketing centered sentence, appropriate editing to show the effect of “persuading” in marketing. At the same time, good connection and transition are applied to between the two types of sentences.

In addition, we corrected some mistakes in the glossary provided by the client.