For translation requests 

The translation workload is affected by many factors, like the style, word count, subject and format of the file to be translated. The cost for translation of a simple car insurance flyer is much less than that of a complicated cancer diagnosis report or a house sales agreement. Please send your request to, so we can evaluate your request and give you an accurate quota.


The range of our rates is 0.20 to 0.35 per English word. If English word count is not available, for example a scanned medical history, the charge will be quoted based on estimated count of Chinese characters.



Methods of Payment


Corporate Clients

No deposits are required. But all due amount shall be paid in full within 30 days after delivery of the translation works, paid by cheque, money order or e-transfer.


Individual Clients

50% of full amount shall be paid as a deposit for starting of your translation work. The remining 50% portion shall be paid after receiving the notice that delivery of the finished work is ready.

For Canadian Individuals

We accept certified check, cash or e-transfer.

For American Individuals

We accept Paypal only.