Welcome To AllTrust Translations Inc. – A group of Chinese translators whom all can trust.

Founded by ATIO certified Chinese translator David Liu, AllTrust Translations Inc. (ALLTRUST), provides Chinese translations to various clients, from individuals to giant enterprises.

Unlike most translation agencies that use external freelances, we are a group of Chinese translators, so you can enjoy direct communications with us in addition to high quality translation works from us.

We only provide translations from Chinese to English and vice versa. We cover various Chinese variants, including Simplified Chinese, Hong Kong Traditional Chinese and Taiwan Traditional Chinese.

We offer services of translation-only and translation plus proofreading. If you have internal Chinese linguists, you may choose translation-only services. Otherwise, translation plus proofreading is better for you.

Why choose ALLTRUST as your Chinese translation provider?

  • Experienced Chinese linguist team. Led by ATIO-certified translator David Liu, who has worked in the translation industry for nearly 20 years, our team has deep knowledge in various fields, such as medicine, law, finance, community, technology, etc. Our works have been recognized by many big names, including but not limited to, US Department of Justice, Milbank LLP, Royal Bank of Canada, National Comprehensive Cancer Network, SKF…
  • Direct communications with translators. Typically, you, the client, have an internal Chinese reviewer, but the translation agency has no Chinese speaker. If you choose an agency, If your reviewer has any questions, he/she has to convert his/her questions into English and the agency forwards the questions to the translator. Then the translator has to answer the questions in English. You can imagine how funny the scenario is. Both Chinese speakers, the reviewer and the translator, have to use English to discuss Chinese details. Of course, the efficiency is very low. Most importantly, some questions cannot be well solved in this way. In contrast, if you choose us as your provider, these issues will be easily solved.
  • Save your cost. If you choose an agency, you will face double project management costs. Both the agency and the translator will do the same management works, like creating task id, transferring files, reviewing layout, accounting, office expenses, etc. All these costs will be paid by you, the client.